1. rainfallheavens


  2. FloofyNewfie

    How did you obtain your lovers?

    Hello all! I'd like to hear short stories from you all about how you all obtained your animal companions? I'll start with the sadder story first. --- Which is my little mutt mix. I was wanting to get a dog for awhile and found her on craigslist. She was advertised as a 1 year old Lab / Shar pei...
  3. rainfallheavens

    27,182 pictures and 34.80 GBs later

    hello and welcome, allow me... austin is my name, california is my home and 23 years old is my age, i have attached some pictures to my post, what you see is my picture gallery on my phone, part of my brain digitally if you will, now my story begins with once upon a time.. when i was just only...