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The Fish Tank

The Fish Tank

Hey, I’m Fish.

Truth be told, I’ve been eager to start this blog for a while now. I’m a natural-born story teller, always eager to share my experiences with others. I waited for a bit because I was largely unsure of myself and I was still relatively new. But now that I’ve integrated into the community a little more and I’ve thought things out, I want to give this a try.

I’m just going to be telling stories and how being a zoo kind of affects certain aspects of my life. It’s not something I always think about or that has a huge impact on my life, but I do experience certain aspects of life differently from my non-zoo friends and family. Who knows? Maybe the other zoos reading will be able to relate. As for the non-zoos, y’all can just stick around and have your curiosity satisfied.

Some quick background info before we get this started: I’m a woman and I do have an animal partner who I’ll be referring to as “Rio” (easy to remember). I’m currently not dating any humans, and I have a pretty busy life outside of this site, so I’ll pretty much be updating this when I feel like it.

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Latest reviews

Very well written! I've read all of your entries and they are honest, touching, and at times tear jerking. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
Jewelry Fish
Jewelry Fish
Well if it isn’t one of my favorite readers! Lol. Thanks, Floof. Your ongoing support has meant a lot to me :)
Your entry, "Rio's Condition," tugged at my heart, JF. A lot. I know it was hard to share with us. I'm deeply sorry, and will keep good thoughts for Rio and you as you both strive to make the most of your days, now.
Your entry, "Evening Breeze," was an sweetly deep account of the utter beauty that happens when our heart melds with that of our animal in a perfect bond. Thank-you for all this, and please continue to let us know how you're both doing.
Jewelry Fish
Jewelry Fish
Thank you so so much, Kristy. This means the world :)
I’d do one myself but it would bore people to tears
Jewelry Fish
Jewelry Fish
Ha! Dream on! You know all the dudes here would eat that shit up! Lol, thank you, Polly.
Charming and brutally honest. It is refreshing to witness a demonstration of balance struck between "normal" and the lives that we lead, often in secret. Thank you for exposing yourself to us in this way.
Jewelry Fish
Jewelry Fish
Thank you so much, and it’s my pleasure!
Like how you tell your stories and thoughts, and i like how this is mostly just declaring how in love you are with your guy.

Keep it up
Jewelry Fish
Jewelry Fish
Haha, thanks, man! It means a bunch!
Lovely stories about the nature of loving dogs! I need a whole book like this!
Jewelry Fish
Jewelry Fish
I’m so glad you enjoy them! Thank you so much!
Enjoyable and touching, look forward to more.
Jewelry Fish
Jewelry Fish
Thank you so much! It means a lot
Surprisingly sweet and innocent.
Jewelry Fish
Jewelry Fish
“Surprisingly”? What’s that supposed to mean?! Lmao. Thanks, Fatty.